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Skills Competitions

Designed to improve and showcase the professional development skills of our members.

The JCI Hawaii Professional Skills Competitions Program is held at our Year End Convention and focuses on the areas of speaking, writing, debating, and interviewing.

Why compete?

We get it. 

Getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there in a competition can be hard. 

But who said growth and change would ever be easy? 

The competitions program is an opportunity for you to practice and strengthen your skills so that you can

Become a better speaker and be able to advocate, defend, and sell your position

Become a better writer and be able to build a well thought out argument or speech

Prepare yourself, professionally, for a job search

Achieve self-confidence in your personal and professional life

Encourage other members to improve their skills

Success stories


Speak Up

Competitors provide brief, prepared and/or impromptu speeches based on a randomly chosen topic. 

Two separate competitions are held based on members’ eligibility: Novice Speak-Up and Master Speak-Up.

Write Up

Competitors have 30 minutes to compose an essay on a randomly chosen topic.


Competitors will argue opposite sides of a randomly chosen topic. Competitors are given 15 minutes prior to the start of the debate to prepare their arguments.

You're Hired

Competitors are required to (1) prepare a LinkedIn profile, (2) submit a pre-recorded 60 second elevator speech, and (3) interview for the hypothetical position of Executive Director.

2023 Year End Competitions

More information about this year's competition will be shared here in Fall 2023.

Training Opportunities

JCI Hawaii chapters provide other training opportunities throughout the year to help members improve their professional development skills.

Check out our upcoming events through our calendar!


Competitions Manual

Updated annually, the competitions manual provides information on competitor eligibility, rules and guidelines, scoring rubrics, and tips and preparation resources.


JCI Hawaii can help competitors secure a mentor to prepare for their competitions. If you would like to get in touch with a mentor, please visit below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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